Phos Abyss Consulting Services Inc.

About Us

Phos Abyss is a survey company and based in Cebu City and we have been providing consultancy since October 2015. We are a survey and consultancy company consisting of highly experienced Geophysical and Geotechnical surveyors combined with local and European Surveyors based in and around the Philippines.
Quality is our number one priority. We give our client a tailored production on time. To achieve this goal, we focus on working closely with local specialized company to provide a complete package to the end client focuses on finding the right set up and solutions based on the client’s need and requirements. We offer hassle free solution for all your Hydrographic Survey needs. 
Our Goal
  • Close relationship and follow up with the end client.
  • Delivering a tailored solution for the client, based on the specification of the work.
  • Effective project completion saving time and money.
  • Innovative Solutions
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